It Can Be Terrifying to Think That This Tool Won't Work! That you put in all this time and money and you'll have nothing to show for it.

Yet it doesn't have to be that way if you're willing to put in the work, and I'm sure you are.  

I can give you the plan that works for you. 

can get you to where you want to be.  

It's not an easy path at first. You HAVE TO  make some big changes for this tool to really work. 

BUT if you are ALL IN then SO AM I!   I'm here to to support you, to guide you, to help you. I genuinely want to see YOU SUCCEED. I want you to get to your health and weight loss goals. It's my passion. I love to see my clients change their lives for the healthier. 

It's this passion that I built this program - So YOU CAN SUCCEED.  I know what it takes for you to get to the next level of your health and happiness. 

Workouts that fit your specific needs 

Meal plans that are as distinct 
And the mindset coaching to give you the confidence and tools to get to your goals. 




Bariatric Surgery isn't a diet. It is a new life.  And when you are doing

something as significant as changing your life 

you Have to have a quality, personlized and Complete plan. 

Check out the video below to get a better understanding of what is involved

with this program and to see if it's right for you. 

The Missing Ingredient for your Success...

The one part of this weight loss and health journey that gets overlooked is working on your mindset around all of this. This can show up in many different ways:


For some people it's working on coping skills around stress that doesn't include eating, for others it's dealing with interpersonal relationships and not putting yourself first, or any number of issues. Whatever it is, if you take the time to build the toolbox of a healthy mindset, skills will pay off in the long run with less long-term gain, and an easier time with maintaining your new healthier lifestyle. 


Most programs you find only focus on exercise and nutrition and miss this one crucial part. This omission shows itself in your failure to lose and keep the weight off.

With the 3 Month JumpStart we integrate mindset into your program along with exercise and nutrition. It's what we call the 3 pillars of success.


Having worked with many bariatric surgery patients for over the past 10 years,  I've noticed those clients that integrate these 3 pillars of success into their day to day life see the most success in their weight loss journey. 


That’s why having a personalized plan that combines the right nutrition, fitness and mindset work gives you a jump start towards losing the weight you need to, and creating the habits that help you keep it off for good. 



The most important part of eating right and consistently is to have meals that you find tasty, easy to make, and fit your personal needs. When you have this combination it makes this part of your weight loss journey easy and guilt free. And having a personalized meal plan will allow you to be more successful in changing your eating habits for the long term without feeling deprived.



That is the average amount of muscle mass someone who goes through this procedure loses in a year if they don't exercise. That loss doesn't just affect your strength but also your metabolism.  When you add consistent exercise into your life you feel stronger, healthier, happier, and more confident. 


This surgery works great on everything from the ears down. It's the head that doesn't change. When you take time to work on your mindset around who you are, how you see yourself, and how you react and interact with people around you you are building a foundation that will allow you to have a healthy, happy life as well as having a greater chance of maintaining your weight loss for years to come. 

Putting it all together

When you put all of these pillars together you have a solid, all encompassing program that all works together.

  • Having your meal plan compliment your workouts gives you the energy you need to give it all you got.
  • Understanding yourself enough to know that you reach for 'unhealthy' foods when your day gets stressful allows you to build a meal plan that includes healthy alternatives
  • Having a workout plan that gives you alternatives when you've had a stressful day, or are feeling a bit down and need some movement to help readjust your mood


What Do Clients Say About It?

I knew that part of my weight loss success was going to be working out, but I didn't even know where to start. I was referred to Coaching for Bariatric Succes because the specialized in bariatric surgery personal training. Unfortunately this happened just as COVID hit. Geof worked with me with his Online training app and Zoom calls.  
I was a bit dubious if that would work for me but just having a set schedule and knowing Geof was waiting for me (even via Zoom) kept me on track.

I knew that after my bariatric surgery I would need to exercise, but didn't really know what I needed to do.  I found Coaching for Bariatric Success and loved that they specialize in Weight loss surgery clients! Unfortunately I didn't live close - but working with Geof through the Online app I could stick with and his frequent check-in's kept me going. Now it's the core part of building a healthier life.

Travel makes up a lot of our lives so we needed a workout program that fit that reality. Coaching for Bariatric Success' Online Training fit. The workouts complimented our lives and kept us going. We've never felt better.

What’s Your Long Term Health Worth To You?

That’s the million-dollar question - right? 


There’s so many different programs and trainers out there, it can be hard to decide what’s right for you! 

So let's break down what it would cost to build this program on your own.


A regular personal trainer at your local gym generally costs $80  per session. See them 3 times a week and you’ll be paying out $960 a month.


You can go online for one of the many health/fitness memberships and you can lower your costs significantly,  yet it may or may not work for you.


… and neither of those options are specialized for bariatric patients so following them without expert advice could do you more harm than good!


Getting a Personalized bariatric focused meal plan that will work for you and your family 

can set you back $180+ a month.


Working with a Bariatric Mindset coach once a month you'll be paying at minimum $150 per session.


If you hire these coaches separately - Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset - you'd be spending approximately $1300 per month, or $4000 for 3 months!


AND you're not getting the benefit of an integrated approach where the 3 elements work best together. 


You can join the 3 Month Jumpstart today for as little as $850 per month! Saving $450/month!

This 3 Month Jump Start Program - Built to give you all you need to be successful with your bariatric surgery -
You Get:

36 online customized and personalized workouts

When it comes to working out, one frustration I hear often is "I don't know what to do." when you are at the gym.  If you don't have a solid plan on what to do before you show up you end up doing random exercises or just bagging the entire strength session and end up back on the treadmill.... again. 

The 3 month Jumpstart solves that problem! Everytime you go to the gym you will have a workout that has been pre-built and 100% focused on your needs and limitations. You will also know that this will be a program that is one of the stepping stones to help you reach your goals, not just some random workout. 

Weekly Online Check ins

While having customized and personalized workouts will keep you challenged without being overwhelmed, that is only one part of your exercise success. The other part is accountability.

Without this part the best workout plans in the world will fall flat.  We know this and you know this which is why frequent contact with your trainer is a key component of this program. 

We do this in two ways: 

Every month you have a 1 hour Zoom call with your trainer to talk in detail about your program, what is working, what needs to be changed and how you are doing overall.

Once a week we check on your progress, contacting you if we see you falling off so we can make changes to get you back on track or congratulating you when you post a new personal best! 

Keeping engaged with your trainer and knowing that someone is not just cheering you on but actively working alongside you will have you seeing the success you're aiming for.  

Nutritional Guideance that will keep you on track with your weight loss

One question that comes up is "How do I eat for my workouts?" Because the is an integrated program, you not only get tasty, easy to make Personalized Meal plans,  we help you time your meals around your workouts so you can get the most from those as well. By working within this program we know what your workouts are going to be for the day and can help you eat the right foods to help fuel your workouts and get the most from them. 

Personalized Meal Plans that you will want to eat

There are a few very important 'Rules' that you need to follow after your bariatric surgery. Getting enough protein, limiting your simple carbohydrate intake, keeping your volume of food small for each meal are a few of the more important ones. Yet how do you do all of this and still make meals that are flavorful and easy to make? 
The 3 Month Jumpstart gives you weekly meal plans that are Custom built for you.  Whatever your limits we will work with you to make the meal plans work for you 

1 hr/month Mindset coaching call

You can't create a long lasting healthier and happier life if you are bringing your past life with you. You MUST work to change old, bad habits and thoughts if you are going to make this a LIFE CHANGE not just a change that lasts a few years.  This is the most difficult part of this entire journey. Having someone that can help you navigate where you are going, giving you the tools and strategies to make those changes will pay off massively with your overall success in this journey. 

This is why we have added in a monthly conversation with our Certified Bariatric Mindset Coach. We understand the path you are on. We have helped with many others that have walked a similar path with great success and we want that for you as well.

Working with a coach will help you not just discover the blocks that are (or will) sabotage reaching your goals, but find new paths around these blocks so success is more in your reach. 

All of this for just



pay in full $2500 and save $50


One of the top frustrations people who've gone through this surgery have is having meals that are easy to make, high in protein, flavorful and Support your weight loss goals.

We understand this so as a BONUS for signing up we are adding in everything you need to take that frustration away!

You get acess to 200+ recipes to help build out your meal plan, opening up your options for healthy tasty meals

Downloadable and editable meal plan guide.

A shopping list built from your meal plan recipes to make your shopping less of a hassle

Once a month 30 minute virtural consultation with Chef Nakia (the author of these recipes) so that you can get your qustions answer directly from 

and a weekly email highlighting one recipe with a video explanation

All of this alone would be $100 a month! 

By enrolling in the 3 Month Jumpstart you get all of this for FREE

Let’s Take Away All Your Doubts With A Money Back Guarantee!

This program works, in fact we’re SO confident in the results we can help you achieve that we’re willing to back it 100%. 


If you complete this 3 month program, following all your workouts and instructions from your coach and you DON’T record any improvement, we’ll refund you the full amount!


Are you ready to exercise but not sure where to start?

Are you motivated to do the work?

Are you committed to fitting this into your busy schedule?

Are comfortable with navigating phone apps?

Are you looking for a Comprehensive plan for your Weight loss journey?

Are committed to taking the weight off and keeping it off?

If You Answered YES to most or all of these then Choose success and


You’re looking for an overnight solution

You’re not prepared to prioritize your exercise and nutrition 

You’re not willing to make time in your schedule

You’re the type who tries something and gives up immediately 

Happy going it alone for your weight loss

In just 3 months :

You will be moving easier, have more energy and the confidence and desire to keep working out

You will have grown your knowledge around how to eat healthy and how to integrate your meals into your day

You will started building your tool box of strategies to help you build a stronger, healthier mindset 


Additionally you will have:

36 custom workouts that you can continue to use for as long as you want

3 months of custom meal plans and the knowledge to make the meals

New mindset tools to help to help you solidify new healthy habits

Geof  fully understandd the unique challenges and restrictions that came with weight loss surgery. His vast experience and knowledge of fitness immediately put me at ease. I understood he would be a critical component of my success.


The online training (and Geof's encouraging me to have a set schedule) have enabled me to workout, with weights, in a gym setting for weeks on end for the first time in my life.  When I've attempted it in the past, I was always overwhelmed, insecure, ashamed or bored with the few machines I knew how to do.  Now, i approach each exercise with confidence and curiosity.  The online videos are easy to use and access and it helps me ensure my form is good.  Tracking my progress in the app is also great...I can see when I make improvements and it's a great tool for communication between Geof and me.


For me, it's more than just an online App, which there are many.  I still have a live person behind the scenes to guide me, listen and advise me.  It's a real person forming my workouts and they are tailored to my needs.


It All Sounds Great But You Still Have Questions? 
Then click below and set up a time to chat.



Frequently asked questions

Wondering how the sevice works? 

Dive into our FAQ for more details

What if I can’t complete the sessions in the 3 months?We understand that life situations get in the way of a well planned program. If this happens we are happy to extend the program by up to 2 weeks if you need to miss sessions.

What if I can’t complete the program due to illness or injuryWe have a refund policy fully refund of money spent with in the first week of starting program
50% refund after 2 weeks
25% refund after one month
After one month no refund is available

I travel a lot. Will this work for me?Depends on your travel but yes we can work with limited equipment to keep you on track

I’ve never worked out before, is this program right for me?It’s perfect for you! This program is built to help you get started with strength training in a way that isn’t overwhelming or intimidating.

I’m afraid I will not complete this programWhile you have to do the work, you are not alone. We have weekly in-app check in’s, 1 30 minute zoom call to help with movement and form & 1 end of the month progress calls to talk about changes and updates to your program.

I can’t afford the up front cost of this programYou can pay in installments over the course of the programs length to help with budgeting.

Can I share my workouts with a friend?We are all about having a workout buddy to help keep you motivated and moving forward towards your goals, BUT these workouts are going to be built specifically for you, your needs and any limitations you may have.  We can’t promise or guarantee that these workouts will be effective or safe for anyone else using them.

What if I don’t reach my goal(s) we set out at the beginning of this programWhile there is no guarantee that you will reach your goals, if you stick to the program, stay engaged with your trainer about any changes or modifications you need and do your best to stay consistent the chances of you not getting closer to your goal(s) are minimal.

Will this strength training program make me bulky?Nope.  What will happen is that you will feel stronger, move easier and have more energy.

How much time will I need to commit each week to this program?Depends on your fitness level but you should expect to dedicate between 4.5 to 8 hours / week to your exercise.

I've got more questions, is there someone I can talk with?


You can set up a 20 minute call here just click the link.