Our Vision

When it comes to weight loss, whether by weight loss surgery or a more traditional way we follow the three pillars of success: Exercise, Nutrition and Mindset. 

By focusing on all three of these pillars you're ability to lose the excess weight and keep it off is greatly improved. 

Exercise to help you move better, get stronger and feel happier

Nutrition to help with the weight loss

Mindset to build the inner strength to do the necessary work to take off the weight and become stronger.


Geof is known for his patient, gentle approach to fitness. He is a good listener who knows how to respond to a client's individual needs and provide a challenge at the same time. 


Geof brings a vibrant energy to the gym through his motivational techniques and humor. 


He enjoys riding his mountain bike, hiking new trails, and listening to podcasts. 

Our History

Phoenix Fitness grew out of the goal to help people who have gone through or are going through weight loss surgery by providing a place to workout with like minded people.


So how did that all happen? The idea arose from meeting and talking with many different weight loss surgery patients. People expressed feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed with the work that was necessary to make weight loss successful. 


While most surgical teams do an extraordinary job preparing patients for surgery and giving them the information they need to buid back their diets afterwards, the basic information on exercising and eating rules can only get a person so far. To help those feeling anxious and overwhelmed, Phoenix Fitness was created. 


To continue the journey by building habits that stick and keeping your body moving in safe and healthy ways, we can help you navigate the path forward. 


What we are About

  • Our service is
  • Focused on integrating all aspects of your weight loss journey including personalized workouts, bariatric friendly meal plans, and help to overcome negative and destructive mindset patterns. 


Unlike more traditional gyms that only focus on more basic workouts and don’t really understand weight loss surgery or generic workouts and programs that may or may not actually give you what you need.


  • We can help you take the  time consuming process of trying to put it all together on your own.

"They not only specialize with people who have had weight loss surgery, but even if you haven’t...Geof is a great trainer."

Diane, Facebook ReviewDiane, Facebook ReviewClient

"Geof is a great trainer - he listens, he understands, he cares, he challenges, he supports, he is knowledgeable and motivating and you will never feel negatively judged and you will never feel alone in your training. Additionally, he has a great sense of humor. Geof and Phoenix Fitness are definitely the answer for me! And I highly recommend Phoenix Fitness to others."

Denise, Facebook ReviewDenise, Facebook ReviewClient

"Geof has this amazing talent of meeting his clients where they are. He worked with me to create a plan step by step. I have never felt judged or uncomfortable with him, quite the opposite, I feel like I have a friend and supporter in Geof."

Bonnie, Google ReviewBonnie, Google ReviewClient

"Geof has exceeded my expectations and his ability to connect with people. He is very relatable and cares about his clients. I really look forward to the class and the camaraderie with the other members...I highly recommend Phoenix Fitness to anyone who has had Bariatric surgery. Geof makes working out fun, has affordable prices and provides nutritional support as well."


"This was an amazing place and experience. I was not a post bariatric patient but rather had physical limitations due to hip injuries. I figured I would reach out to see if they would work with me as I though they would understand the mental struggle that occurs with a life style change. I worked with Geof and he was awesome in motivating and pushing me, but was very respectful of my limitations when I spoke up. I would recommend him for any type of fitness goals or life style change to get healthy."

Sarah L.Sarah L.Client

"I love that he works with people that are beginners to exercise and weight training and/or people just getting back into after taking years off. He tailors the routine to your fitness level and always gives you just enough push to continuously improve. He helps hold you accountable to outside diet and cardio goals. The gym is private, and you never feel intimidated working out in the space. It is very inclusive and welcoming."

Kim S.Kim S.Client

"As a bariatric surgery patient, I was especially concerned about finding someone who was understanding of the changes I was going through both physically and mentally, and Geof has far exceeded my expectations in this regard. He is well-educated on the procedure I had, and has given me gentle, encouraging pushes to make fitness part of my overall health."

Stephanie PStephanie PClient

"I’ve been working with Geof now consistently for over 18 months and in the time I have achieved goals that I previously thought were unattainable, I’ve learned to hold myself accountable and found enjoyment in health and exercises. Personally training can be expensive investment but your success is just as important to Geof as it is to you and what I have gotten back from that investment has made me a happier more active person. Geof is willing to put in so much extra work to keep on your path of success.


"Since working with Geof my fear and uncertainty of gyms in general have gone away. It has been good for me to have someone who not just  understood my fears of the gym/working out, and fear of not being able to succeed but take that fear and turn it around. I now feel comfortable and confident going to the gym which in turn has made my overall fitness that much better.  I really believe that the investment I have made working with Geof has paid off in many positive ways.


Our gym

We are located close to Empower Stadium at Mile High. Our space is designed to feel approachable and private with the equipment you need to make your journey successful. 

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