This May Help You? Podcast

There no lack of information when it comes to ideas and suggestions for losing weight and exercising. Yet how much of is quality information? This May Help Your? is a podcast where Dr. Todd Weber and Geof Shuford talk about fitness and nutrition challenging the underlying assumptions behind health claims, zealots, and bro science.

Episode 1 Season 2

Is Diet Quality Important for Weight Loss?

Episode 2 Season 2

How Many Calories Do You Use With Exercise ?

Episode 13 Season 1

Is Weight Loss an All or Nothing Pursuit?

Episode 12 Season 1

Why You Can’t Lose Weight with (Just) Exercise?

Episode 11 Season 1

Bodies Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Episode 10 Season 1

Trying to Get Something for Nothing

Episode 9 Season 1

Expecting Too Much Too Soon

Episode 8 Season 1

Your Body Type Helps You Find Your Activity

Episode 7 Season 1

Food Guilt

Episode 6 Season 1

The Quantification Debacle

Episode 5 Season 1

What the Hell is Toning Anyways?

Episode 4 Season 1

Nutrition Superstitions

Episode 3 Season 1

What is Your Biggest Fitness Failure?

Episode 2 Season 1

The Pornification of Fitness

Episode 1 Season 1

Why We Started This Podcast