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Want to live a ridiculously fabulous and active life after your bariatric surgery?

That's what we help you do!

Phoenix Fitness with Baraitric surgery clients

The most common question we get asked 
after bariatric surgery -

now what??

the 3 pillars that we focus on for your success 

Over the past 10 years we've built programs that integrates these pillars in a way that give you the tools you need to lose the weigth and keep it off. 


We meet you where you are. We listen to your needs and wants and build workouts that fit those while taking into account any limitations you have.


Knowing that your workouts are built for your specific needs takes aways any fear of injury or confusion.


How, what, and when you eat will have a significant impact on your weight loss. Yet finding healthy, tasty bariatric friendly meals can be a frustrating and time consuming challenge. So we do the work for you with weekly meal plans that are easy to make, and enjoyed by the entire family.

Now enjoy a variety of meals without worring if they are fighting against your weigh loss


Bariatric surgery works wonders from the ears down. But if you don't make changes to old thoughts, habits and reactions you can easily regain all that lost weight.


With our certified Bariatric Mindset coaches we can work with you to build a solid plan so you can approach this new life with the tools to keep you healty and successful in your weight loss

Start with a No-Obligation Consultation

If you are you curious how Coaching For Bariatric Success can help you achieve the success you're wanting, set up a program that works for you.


We can meet via phone, video chat, or in person to discuss your fitness goals and our programs.
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Are you a good fit?

You are a few months post-op

You've gone through the surgery and you have found yourself at the "now what" stage. Now what do you do to help take the most weight off safely, what are good tasty meals you can easily prepare, how can you start to build the habits you need for long term success? 

Lady few months after bariatric Surgery stretching
For in the path

You have decieded to go through Bariatric Weight loss surgery

You don't want to fail with this weight loss and the best way to not fail is to have a plan. By starting before your surgery you can set yourself up for success once you're on the other side. 

Build the habits now and see the success you want sooner. 

You've gone through bariatric weight loss surgery and now you want to get the most from it

You've come into that difficult portion of your weightloss journey, the maintenance phase. While you may still need to lose some weight this becomes the time to focus on not regaining that lost weight.  It’s time to lean hard on your exercise, eating habits and to continue building good mental habits.

Lady a few years out from Bariatric Surgery exercising

Do any of these sound like you?

If so, then you are a great fit!!

Which of these success stories inspires You Most?

Before and After weight loss surgery - Mountain hike

Climbed a 14,000ft peak

One of my goals after my bariatric surgery was to hike one of the 14,000 ft peaks here in Colorado. One year after surgery and 9 months working with Coaching for Bariatric Success I acheived that goal! After that I know I can do anything. 

Before and After Bariatric Surgery - seated vs. Happy and slim

Exercise is now a part of my life

Exercise was a cuss word to me before my weight loss surgery. What attracted me was the private gym setting. I know I wouldn't be judged or intimidated. This along with Geof's encouragement and knowledge has made exercise a non-negotiable part of my life and it's paid off in more ways than I could have imagined.

Before and After Bariatric Surgery - Travel pictures heavy and healthy

best shape of our lives

Travel makes up a lot of our lives so we needed a workout program that fit that reality. Coaching for Bariatric Success' Online Training fit. The workouts complimented our lives and kept us going. We've never felt better.

Before and after weight loss holding pumpkin & winning lifting competition

First time in a gym to Power lifter in 12 months

I was tired of my weight but I had no clue what to do to change that . I found Coaching for Bariatric Success. I was a bit intimidated to start exercise but I took a leap of faith and contacted Geof I'm very happy I did..Working with him in 12 months I lost over 50 lbs AND found a new hobby, power lifting.

Before and after bariatric surgery - standing against wall & smiling outside

Coaching for Bariatric success is the foundation of my new & healthier life

I knew that after my bariatric surgery I would need to exercise, but didn't really know what I needed to do.  I found Coching for Bariatric Success and loved that they specialize in Weight loss surgery clients! Unfortunately I didn't live close - but Geof set up an Online Training program I could stick with and his frequent check-in's kept me going. Now it's the core part of building a healthier life.

Before and After Bariatric Surgery  posing before and after surgery

I didn't even know where to start

I knew that part of my weight loss success was going to be working out, but I didn't even know where to start. I was referred to Coacing for bariatric Success because the specialized in bariatric surgery personal training. Unfortunately this happened just as COVID hit. Geof worked with me with his Online training app and Zoom calls. After a few months I felt more confident and strong. 
As soon as they re-opened I started splitting my workouts between home and the gym. 

How we can help you find your success

Lady starting her Online Personal Training after bariatric surgery

Online personal Coaching

Wherever you are you can work with a bariatric coaching specialist.

Whether it's one to one Zoom training sessions or our online training app, you will get personlized workouts that will get you to your goals safely.


Phoenix Fitness' gym space - for Bariatric surgery clients

In-Person Training

If you are local you an work with us one on one in our private fitness studio.  

When you work with us at our private gym you get a non-intimidating atmosphere where the focus is on you, your needs and goals. This extra focus and exclusive gym space will get you to your goals fast and safely. 

If you are interested in learning more click the button below to set up 20 minute call to talk about what option will work best for you. 

Need to jumpstart your weight loss? 

The ultimate 3 month program. 
Custom built workouts.

Meal plans that fit your bariataric needs

Mindset work to keep you motivated and on track.

Free Online Support Groups

Having solid support of people that are on a similar journey will have a significant impact on your long term success. We've set up a FREE online Support group via  Meetup.com to give you the opportunity to interact with other people around the country.


Get your questions answered about your weight stall, reversing your weight regain, new and different foods to try. OR share how you've succeeded with your weight loss. 


The support group meets every other Wednesday via Zoom - if you're interested in being apart of it sign up below!

meet Our founder Geof

Geof Shuford - founder of Phoenix Fitness

In the 10+ years of working with bariatrc surgery clients one question that arises most often after surgery is "Now What?" What do you need to do to lose the weight you want to lose. What do you need to do to build a healthy and strong body. What do you need to do to build solid new habits and remove old disfunctional habits so you can maintain this new, healthier life?


Answering these "Now What" questions is the foundation of Coaching for Bariatric Success of a healthy life (exercise, nutrition and mindset) into all parts of our training. It's by working within this framework which creates the success stories we've seen at Coaching for Bariatric Success. 


As a certified Personal trainer with over 10 years of experience as well as a certified bariatric mindset coach I know what it takes to get you to your goals.


My team and I work with you to create the fitter, healthier version of you, so you can finally get the most out of life! It's how we help you find your answer to the question "Now What?"


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