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Meal Plan: My bariatric Kitchen

Today, more than ever, our calendars are filled to the brim with activities, appointments, and commitments.  Throw in the family’s schedule on top of all that, and, holy moly… where did the week go?


Where in all of this craziness do you have time to sit down for four to five hours a week and plan out what you are going to eat each day? How can you stay on track to meet your own nutritional goals as well as making sure your family is well fed too? 


In order to help you put this struggle behind you, Phoenix Fitness has teamed up with My Bariatric Kitchen to offer you quality, healthy and tasty meals on a weekly rotation.  Now you can cook healthy delicious meals for your family that you can eat too! Gone are the days of being a short-order cook… and in comes healthier families!

Try One Week FREE

Maybe you don’t know if the Meal Plan is right for you. Why not try one week for FREE? 


Fill out the simple form and download a FREE copy of one of our past meal plans. After you have looked it over and determined that it fits your needs, then we can set you up for a weekly delivery!

If it’s not your thing, that’s fine. We understand that this isn’t for everyone. But, hey, at least you got a few recipes that you can share with friends.