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Are you All-In on Building Your New Life after Weight Loss Surgery?

Are you all in on building your new life after weight loss surgery? That is are you being consistent and frequent with building and maintaining the new habits that come with this journey?

Half in with this new life gives you half success at best. Weight loss surgery isn’t a short cut ( I know I am preaching to the choir with this one.) There is a lot of work that comes with making this new life successful and unfortunately the work doesn’t really ever stop. You’ll get side tracked from time to time. Don’t let that stop you. Bariatric surgery has given you an opportunity for a new life and to build that new life you need to build small but important habits to support it. 

To be All-In for success with weight loss surgery there are three very important pillars that need to be worked on consistently and frequently

First is Eating and Nutrition.

The Rules of the Tool (the bariatric specific habits you need to do to lose weight) are not a temporary thing. These rules are what you need to do to get the most from your weight loss. Unfortunately these rules are one of the first habits to weaken. You shouldn’t beat yourself up over if it happens to you, after all you are fighting years and years of old eating habits and cravings. Start slow, choose one thing that you find a challenge (eating and drinking at different times as an example) and put it into you life as best you can over the next 30 days. Hint: the more you are aware of your habit building the better you will be with it.

Second is mindset.

I don’t really talk about this much but it is a fundamental aspect of your success with building your life after weight loss surgery. I bring this up because bariatric surgery is a life change, things are going to be different, difficult and maybe even a bit nerve wracking. It will also be super amazingly fun, liberating and you will feel better about yourself. Having a professional that you trust to talk to about all this can help you navigate this new path your on as well as help you overcome old life habits can creep back into your life.

Last but not least is exercise the one I am most passionate about.

Like the other two this is something that you need to be all-in on. It can be difficult to do for some because it was never enjoyable, felt ineffective and quite possibly hurt. That’s behind you after you go through weight loss surgery. With the loss of weight comes a new freedom of movement and the ability to just do the things you have been wanting to do. But to get the most from if you have to do it consistently and frequently.

There are a lot of people that go through bariatric surgery that don’t succeed like they want to. Part of the reason for that is not going All-In. That is the are not being consistent and frequent on their nutrition, mental health and fitness.

Does this all-in feel overwhelming to you? If so, we created our 3 Month Jump Start program to help with this. We understand that being all-in with this surgery can be overwhelming. If you want to get more information you can set up a call to talk about how this can work for you.

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