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Gastric by-pass surgery aftercare, what does it entail?

How you treat yourself after gastric by-pass surgery will set you up for success or failure in terms of losing body fat and keeping it off. That is your aftercare is quite important. So then what does aftercare after weight loss surgery really mean? 

Aftercare is dealing with your habits and mindset

Aftercare is everything that you do once you’ve gone through this procedure. It’s what you eat, when you eat, how you eat. It’s the type of exercises you choose. How often you exercise and how consistently you exercise. It’s also how you see yourself once you’ve gone through the surgery. Do you see yourself as somebody making life changes or somebody that’s losing weight? Do you see yourself as being healthy for the rest of your life or just being able to fit into your pants in a year from now? 

Aftercare is also dealing with other people. 

When you have gastric by-pass surgery, aftercare from people in your immediate life is important. You’ll have some people that support your decision and will help you along the way. You’ll have some people that will be mad at you. They will think you did the wrong thing and in some way will try to jeopardize your success. This is something you should be aware of and prepared to deal with. It’s not a very happy thing to talk about but when you’ve decided to make a big life change there always be some that stay with you and that some that will fall away. 

If you are planning to undergo bariatric surgery you probably already know people that will support your choice and those that won’t. You need to take into account how you navigate those relationships. Having the right people in your life can have a big impact on your overall weight loss success. 

Aftercare is the journey.

 It’s the amount of focus you put into taking care of yourself once you’ve gone through this surgery. It’s’ something that never really ends because this should be the journey to build a new life. One where you are healthy, active and have positive supportive people in your life. It’s a journey because those things take time, effort and dedication. Gastric by-pass surgery isn’t a short cut or a short term “diet”. Bariatric surgery is the opportunity to more quickly get you to a starting line for your new life. If you have planned out the aftercare that goes with building that new life then you will be a success.

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