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4 Actions to make your Gastric Sleeve more Successful

Get the rules right.

When it comes to preparing for gastric sleeve there is a lot that you need to do to prepare. Yet one thing that doesn’t get talked about are some of the new habits you’ll need to build.

  1. Start taking your vitamins.

Post-op you won’t have much stomach room. What that means is that being able to consume enough vegetables to get enough vitamins will not be easy. Taking a multivitamin daily will be the only way you can do that. If this isn’t something you do now consistently it will be difficult to start after. So start now. 

  1. Set up a support system

One of the most important parts of this journey is consistency which can be difficult with little support. There is evidence that having a support can improve your weight loss. So having a few people in your corner as you go through this will make a huge difference in your weight loss. Take some time to think about who would be someone that can help you reach your goals. In addition think about what you need help with. Having someone help with some responsibilities you have to give you time to do the things you need such as exercise. Maybe it’s someone that you can reach out to when you are struggling and need a shoulder to lean on. Taking the time before will set you up for success. 

  1. DON’T over buy foods or protein drinks before surgery

This is a big mistake that a lot of people that go through gastric sleeve surgery do. While you think it will be a great idea to have it all ready to go, more than likely after your surgery your tastes will change. All those protein drinks and sugar-free food will probably just sit in your house. Instead buy just a few of these drinks and try it after surgery – if you still like it then great if not you haven’t spent money on something you will not use.

  1. Take pictures

This is one that a lot of post-op people regret. Take a few pictures of you from different angles. Looking back on them after your surgery will give you a great point of where you were. Also take the picture in the same  place that will not change such as a doorway. This way as you lose weight you will be able to see easier the change since the doorway will not change size.

5. Start drinking water in sips

Drinking water after your gastric sleeve is different. If you are someone that doesn’t drink much water now – well you’re going to need to change that. It doesn’t take a lot to become dehydrated after your sleeve which can have a direct effect on your weight loss. So start putting more water into your day now, before the surgery so it becomes more routine after. And whether or not you drink lots of water before surgery how you drink it matters after. You can’t gulp, it will really hurt. Your post-surgery stomach will have a ~1 ounce capacity and if you gulp 4 ounces of water the body will have one response for that, it’s coming right back up.

I understand that sipping can be really frustrating but it’s a lot less messy than gulping and losing it all!

If you feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the preparation for your gastric sleeve surgery take a look at our 3 Month Jump (re)start. It’s focused on introducing exercise, good food choices and mindset changes that you will need to get the most from your weight loss.

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