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You Need To Find Your “WHY” If You Want To Stay Focused.

To preserve muscle mass and help with weight loss.There’s the answer! But that’s too general, and probably doesn’t mean too much to you personally. You need to find a reason that is personal, something that is going to get you up and to the gym when motivation is low. Something that sparks a desire to keep going even if it’s just small steps. 

The good news: the answer is probably very close to your reasons for getting weight loss surgery in the first place. Or at least you can use those reasons as a starting point for finding a more personal reason for exercise. 

But if you need a bit more of a push to get you to the gym  then one way that works for me is to start with a simple statement “Why am I exercising?” Whatever the answer to that should lead to another “why” question until you find something that feels personal and real to you. 

A short example of this:
Q: “Why am I exercising?
A: To build muscle mass and help with my weight loss

Q: “Why do I want to build muscle mass and lose weight?”
A: To be healthy and strong (or at least not skinny and weak)

Q: “Why do I want to be healthy and strong?”
A: To be able interact with my kids more and not feel worn out so fast


This could go on for a few more steps, if needed, but you can see the pattern, question each of your answers with another “why?”

 When do you stop asking why? When you feel the right answer. That is there is an emotional connection to the reason. For the example above, playing with the children is important but it’s more than just physically playing with the kids.It’s being able to create a strong connection, to bond with them, to show them love and to be personally happier because of it. That’s the true answer to the why in this example. 

Your “Why” answer may be completely different but as long as it has a strong positive feeling associated with it then it’s a good answer. The purpose of this is to help you on those “I don’t feel like it” days. If you can tap into this feeling it can help you to motivate you to put on your gym clothes and  start moving. So the stronger you can make the answer to your why, the stronger it can help motivate you.